Sundine Enterprises is in the business of wastewater cleanup and soil remediation.


Sundine Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) can assist communities and businesses in solving both current and future wastewater challenges.  Sundine's emphasis is the reclamation and reuse for production water, frac water, mine water, agriculture water, aquaculture water, municipal and industrial wastewater. Depending on the waste stream, SEI implements the energy efficient technologies of electrocoagulation to reduce, and/or remove, BOD, TSS, fecal coliform, odor, phosphorus. ammonia, TKN, heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, selenium, chrome VI, and radioisotopes from wastewater streams.  With the use of clean electricity, electrocoagulation efficiently removes a wide range of contaminants with a single system. The result is water that is available for reuse and the separated solids available for resale, reuse, or for simple removal to a non-hazardous landfill. 


Isolite ® CG is a product that can be used as a soil amendment that increases percolation rate in tight soils, and increases water holding capabilities in sandy soils. Isolite also adds significant internal pore space that will allow beneficial microbes to better slow pathogen growth in soils.

SEI and strategic partners uses hydraulic fracturing as their method of bioremediation.  The fracturing is accomplished using pressurized Isolite ® CG pre-inoculated with specific microorganisms, SOS, and guar gum.  Microorganisms within the Isolite ® CG are introduced into the fractures where they begin to degrade the pollutants.   The encapsulated sodium per carbonate, called SOLID OXYGEN SOURCE (SOS), developed by the EPA, provides a slow constant release of oxygen for the microorganisms.  The Isolite®CG /SOS laden fractures create a preferential pathway to the super support matrix (Isolite ® CG /SOS) for the mitigation of the contaminant.  Because of the long-term super-rich saturation of oxygen in the soil or water, very robust colonies of biodegrading bacteria are established and the oxygen continues to be released for up to 22 months.


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*Isolite®CG = Isolite

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