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AWWA                 American Water Works Association

BOD5                    Five Day Biochemical Oxygen Demand

BOD                      Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Co                         Degrees Celsius

cm                         Centimeter

CT                         Contact Time

DBP                       Disinfection Byproduct

DIC                        Dissolved Inorganic Carbonate

DIP                        Ductile Iron Pipe

DO                        Dissolved Oxygen

EBTP                     Enhanced Biological Treatment Process

EC                         Electrocoagulation

EQR                      Equivalent Residential unit

EPA                       United States Environmental Protection Agency

ET                          Evapo-transpiration

GIS                        Geographic Information System

GPS                       Global Position System

HA                         Hectacres

HGL                       Hydraulic Grade Line

Hp                         Horsepower

I/I                          Infiltration and Inflow

kg                          Kilogram

kg/day                  kilogram per day

kg/person/day      kilogram per person per day

km                         kilometer

Kwph                    Kilowatts per hour

Kw                         kilowatts

LPCD                     Liter per Capita per Day

LPM                      Liter per Minute

LSI                         Langelier Saturation Index

m/s                       Meters per Second

MBR                     Membrane Bio-Reactor

MDPR                   Microbial and Disinfection Byproducts Rule

mg/l                      Milligrams per liter (similar to $1 per $1,000,000)

MLD                      Million Liters per Day

MPA                      Microscopic Particle Analysis

NA                         Not Available

NMP                     Number of Max Probable Bacteria

NTU                      Nephelometric Turbidity Units

O&M                    Operation and Maintenance

ppm                      Part per Million

PVC                       Polyvinyl Chloride Piping

PRV                       Pressure Reducing Valve

SCMM                  Standard Cubic Meter per Minute

SLES                      Simple Lagoon Enhancement System

St.                          Street

SFR                        Standard Family Residence

TDS                       Total Dissolved Solids

THMs                    Triahalomethanes

TKN                       Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen

TRC                       Total Residual Chlorine

TSS                        Total Suspended Solids

UFW                     Unaccounted for Water

UV                         Ultraviolet light

WSL                      Water Surface Level

WQA                     Water Quality Analysis

WTP                      Water Treatment Plant

WWTF                  Wastewater Treatment Facility

Yr                          Year