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We use Garver USA as our design team.  Garver can turn any water or wastewater issues, or new design into a functional and affordable project.

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Sundine Enterprises is in the business of drinking water and wastewater cleanup.


Sundine Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) can assist communities and businesses in solving both current and future wastewater challenges.  Sundine's emphasis is the reclamation and reuse for production water, frac water, mine water, agriculture water, aquaculture water, municipal and industrial wastewater. Depending on the waste stream, SEI implements the energy efficient technologies of microalgae and/or electrocoagulation to reduce, and/or remove, BOD, TSS, fecal coliform, odor, phosphorus. ammonia, TKN, heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, selenium, chrome VI, PFC/PFOA's and radioisotopes from wastewater streams.  With the use of clean electricity, electrocoagulation efficiently removes a wide range of contaminants with a single system. The result is water that is available for reuse and the separated solids available for resale, reuse, or for simple removal to a non-hazardous landfill. 

Prepared for the Future

As a need for sustainable water increases, Garver has maintained its commitment to achieving defined goals by converting effluent into a viable product and potential revenue source.

Garver can upgrade treatment plants with solutions for clarifiers, trickling filters, and extended aeration basins; address collection and pumping with designs for lift stations, pump stations, sewer lines, and vacuum collection; improve distribution with reclamation, and reuse and discharge systems; and treatment processes such as conventional, tertiary, and advanced MBR, biological phosphorus removal, ultra-violet disinfection, and residuals handling.

Water & Wastewater