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1 part per trillion (ppt)  =

  • one drop of water diluted into 20 Olympic-size swimming pools
  • three seconds out of every hundred thousand years

1 part per quadrillion (ppq)  =

  • 1 drop of water diluted into a cube of water measuring approximately 368 meters on a side (fifty million cubic meters, which is a cube about as tall as the Empire State Building's 102 stories)
  • two and a half minutes out of 4.5 billion years

​                                   3 Easy Ways to Live a More Ecofriendly Lifestyle 

It’s often overwhelming to think about making big changes in your lifestyle in order to help preserve our planet’s vital resources like water and trees but with a little forethought and planning your efforts, combined with those of friends and neighbors worldwide, CAN make a big difference. Here are three small changes you can make that go a long way toward protecting our environment. 

Use Less Paper and Recycle More. With our world’s reliance on computers and digital technology, it’s pretty easy to go a day without making notes on paper or in a notebook. When you use less paper, you help maintain our forests. The EPA states that when one short ton (0.91t) of paper is recycled, 17 mature trees are saved from destruction. When it’s essential that you use paper, like at work or school, recycling the paper you do use makes a difference. More than 40 percent of municipal solid waste is paper and paper products. It takes less energy to create paper using recycled and used sheets than by creating ‘virgin’ paper. 

Use Canvas Bags Instead of Plastic. Many natural food stores in the Denver area require you to BYOB — bring your own bag.  While the large chains do not insist you BYOB, they do encourage canvas bag usage by offering the inexpensive bags for sale at checkout. A canvas bag is sturdier than plastic or paper, it holds more, and it serves a dual purpose when you need to store something or pack items when moving. Even if you prefer plastic bags, reusing them is ecofriendly. Place them in garbage cans or recycle them. Every small change makes a big difference. 

Reduce water waste. Save money and water by taking shorter showers beneath a low-flow shower head. The shower head investment pays off in no time, and you’ll love seeing significantly lower water bills in your future. 

Kick the bottled water habit to the curb and invest in a water filter. Even if your tap water is not the tastiest, a water filter removes any aftertaste and purifies it to bottled-water quality. In addition, you save on gas since you don’t have to run to the store for your water source. 

Living a more ecofriendly ‘green’ life doesn’t have to be difficult and even small changes on your part make an enormous impact throughout the world. We urge you to start conserving and recycling today.

1 part per million (ppm)  =

  • one drop of water diluted into 50 liters 
  • 32 seconds out of a year
  • one inch in 16 miles
  • one second in 11.5 days
  • one minute in two years
  • one car in bumper-to-bumper traffic from Cleveland to San Francisco

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​​One World. One Water. Sustainable Solutions 

We cordially invite you to join us on Tuesday, August 1, and Wednesday, August 2, 2017, for two days of Energy Efficiency and Process Optimization (EEPO) workshops sponsored by Xcel Energy, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment, Hazen and Red Rocks Community College Water Management Team. 

Workshop topics include energy management concepts, and EEPO-focused subjects directed towards hydraulics, water treatment and wastewater treatment. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. in the Technological Building at Red Rocks Community College’s Lakewood location, with workshops being held from 9:00 a.m. until 3:15 p.m. Pizza will be served during the one-hour lunch period, but if you prefer, please feel free to bring your own lunch. 

The workshops are free, and you can earn 0.4 technical units per workshop. We encourage you to make your reservation soon as seating is limited. For more information contact Eric Dole, P.E., at



1 part per ten thousand =

  • one drop of water diluted into half a liter 
  • nine seconds out of one day

1 part per billion (ppb)  =

  • one drop of water diluted into 250 chemical drums (50 m3)
  • three seconds out of a century
  • one silver dollar in roll stretching from Detroit to Salt Lake City
  • one sheet in a roll of toilet paper stretching from New York to London
  • one second in nearly 32 years
  • one pinch of salt in 10 tons of potato chips

1 part per thousand  =

  • one drop of water diluted into ten spoon-fulls
  • one and a half minutes out of one day.

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What Does 1 ppm Look Like?

1 part per hundred = 

  • ​​​one 'drop'  of water diluted into (one teaspoonful) 
  • fifteen minutes out of one day