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1 part per billion (ppb)  =

  • one drop of water diluted into 250 chemical drums (50 m3)
  • three seconds out of a century
  • one silver dollar in roll stretching from Detroit to Salt Lake City
  • one sheet in a roll of toilet paper stretching from New York to London
  • one second in nearly 32 years
  • one pinch of salt in 10 tons of potato chips

1 part per million (ppm)  =

  • one drop of water diluted into 50 liters 
  • 32 seconds out of a year
  • one inch in 16 miles
  • one second in 11.5 days
  • one minute in two years
  • one car in bumper-to-bumper traffic from Cleveland to San Francisco

What Does 1 ppm Look Like?

1 part per hundred

  • ​​​one 'drop'  of water diluted into (one teaspoonful) 
  • fifteen minutes out of one day

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1 part per trillion (ppt)  =

  • one drop of water diluted into 20 Olympic-size swimming pools
  • three seconds out of every hundred thousand years

1 part per quadrillion (ppq)  =

  • 1 drop of water diluted into a cube of water measuring approximately 368 meters on a side (fifty million cubic meters, which is a cube about as tall as the Empire State Building's 102 stories)
  • two and a half minutes out of 4.5 billion years

1 part per ten thousand =

  • one drop of water diluted into half a liter 
  • nine seconds out of one day

1 part per thousand  =

  • one drop of water diluted into ten spoon-fulls
  • one and a half minutes out of one day.

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