SundineEnterprises, Inc.

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Sundine Enterprises is in the business of:

  • Preserving and improving our water, soils and green environment, locally, nationally, and internationally.  All of our actions must be measured by our success in achieving this goal.
  • Bringing happiness to many by celebrating, nurturing, and instilling an appreciation and gratefulness for Mother Earth and all that she provides to us.
  • Operating a team-oriented company committed to integrity and upholding a system of honest values that will achieve the needs and goals of all customers.
  • Solving problems with absolute integrity and providing permanent and efficient solutions for today and tomorrow.
  • Profit from work that benefits our environment.
  • Honorably serve the local, national, and international community by providing products and services of superior quality at a fair price.
  • Recycle nature back into nature.
  • Go the last mile to do things right.
  • Work hard, yet keep it fun.
  • Have continuous self-renewal and self-development via creativity, dreams, and imagination.


               We endeavor to:

  • Continually educate our customers and employees to increase their understanding and awareness of the availability, quality, and reliability of our services.
  • Be recognized by our clients and the community as providers of in-depth, superior training and responsive technical support.
  • Respect and value both our human and natural resources.


               We are committed to:

  • Achieve an interdependent balance between responsibility to customers, vendors, society and our global community, and our environment.
  • Actively listening and responding to our customer’s needs and encouraging a two-way communication and feedback, thus promoting a partnership with them.
  • Continuously improving our services for our customers and vendors.


              We pledge to:

  • Improve our awareness, understanding, and appreciation of our multicultural local, national, and international community and embrace the likenesses and differences.