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Solid Oxygen Source - SOS

Solid Oxygen Source (SOS) (EPA patent US 7,252,986)

SOS granules are made of sodium percarbonate, coated with a proprietary blend of compounds that will slowly release oxygen.  When applied in the soil with Isolite®CG, the released oxygen will disperse both in the
Isolite®CG and the surrounding soil.   A long-term super-rich saturation of oxygen in the soil or water is created, establishing robust colonies of biodegrading bacteria. 

Foremost Environmental Solutions, our teaming partner, has been granted exclusive rights to this product for it to be used and marketed worldwide.

 The incredible complementary treatment slurry ingredients of SOS and Isolite®CG create an optimal soil remediation matrix.  The EPA has extensively tested this bioremediation slurry with other in situ technologies and the synergy of SOS and Isolite®CG has proven to be superior.  The EPA researchers and field operators were so pleased with the remediation results, that they authored technical papers and made formal presentations at national and international remediation conferences. They concluded that the BioLuxing technology, utilizing Isolite®CG pellets and SOS pellets, and selected microorganisms with nutrients, created the most advanced method of Enhanced, In situ Aerobic Bioremediation (EISB).

Solid Oxygen Source (SOS)

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